About AlphaReveal

AlphaReveal is a powerful tape reading and orderflow analysis software that enables traders! Powerful, highly specialized displays make it possible to track the dynamic relationships between the orderflow and orderbook that lead to price movements. AlphaReveal is a stand-alone program that is data-driven by the free NinjaTrader platform. Our platforms works with all NinjaTrader feeds but we recommend a high quality unfiltered feed like DTN/IQFEED or Kinetic.

OrderFlow Bars™

See inside traditional time-based, volume-based, and range based bars with our OrderFlow Bars. Track high volume areas with ease with our heat map and histogram rendering styles. See both the total volume transacted and the intensity of the buying and selling.

Pressure Volume™ Display

Our signature Pressure Volume™ display aggregates orderflow information into an easy-to-read display. Our OrderFlow Monitoring enables you to see who is exerting pressure (buyers or sellers), how much more pressure, and from what prices they are exerting that pressure.

Limit Resistance™ Analytics

Orderbook imbalances often lead to orderflow reversals! Our software is the only software that makes it easy to read the resting limit order imbalances. Perform real-time analytics on the resting limit orders! Threshold highlighting makes it easy to see these imbalances.

Volume Tracking Accumulator

Track the volume and orderflow on a free form basis. Create multiple accumulators to see the volume in multiple forms: total volume, difference volume, and bid vs. ask. Render using heatmap and histogram styles.

Visual Depth Display

See the depth like you've never seen it before! We've combined the resting limits into a single column which makes it easy to see the relationships. We also surface key analytics like the mode (or most bids/offers) into easy to read visual markers.

Volume Profile

Create volume profiles using user-defined session settings and time-range settings. Render the volume profile as either a color coded heatmap or histogram. Track high and low volume areas with precision. Stake out and mark significant areas using Paint on DOM™ .


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