AlphaReveal Advanced DOM & Order Flow Analysis

AlphaReveal illuminates the market internals

Many professional traders can't trade successfully from charts alone. Floor traders, futures traders, and prop traders have long attributed their success to the skill called "tape reading" which is a skill that involves watching the buy and sell orders coming into the pit to gauge demand. These orders are said to make up the order flow. And, by watching this flow the astute trader can see information lost in the charts and gain an almost super-normal "feel" for where the market is going.

The Advent of Electronic Trading

With the advent of electronic trading, floor traders moved upstairs and had to learn to trade from charts. But, they quickly realized that something was lost. The charts didn't show the order flow that they had access to in the pits. Former floor traders and other astute professionals learned that by watching the buy and sell orders come into the market using the "Time & Sales" that they could make better trade decisions and have a feel for where the market was going-- that they didn't get from charts alone.

The Rise of The Bots and Reporting Changes

However, as the markets evolved more and more large orders were split into hundreds of tiny orders and executed algorithmically. These tiny orders scroll the tape too fast to be read. It is thus not possible to read traditional "Time and Sales" and "DOM" displays with any real clarity.

Meeting The Challenge

AlphaReveal is a purposeful built trading tool that solves these problems and makes it easier then ever to read the tape and see how the order flow moves the market. AlphaReveal is the result of combining the insights from an expert tape reader with advanced software engineering.

How We Do it

First, AlphaReveal pre-processes the order flow. It aggregates the orders that are split up and then it displays that information in easy-to-read graphical forms. It makes the tape readable again. We provide a variety of displays because we know that traders process information differently. What's unique is that we enable the trader to drill down to see the level of detail they need without being overwhelmed by numbers or graphics. Next, we combined that with advanced limit order analysis. The ability to see changes in limit orders is a huge advantage over other "first generation" order flow software because changes in limit orders often precede changes in the order flow! AlphaReveal is the only program that makes it possible to see the order flow across time, the immediate flow hitting the tape, and track the changes in the resting supply.

Finally, we crafted our user interface to enable optimal flow. Flow is a state of psychology that marks peak performance. We realize that trading is a demanding process, and we developed our program so that the trader could get into it, customize it, and trade without ever being taken out of flow.

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